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About us

We are 64bitLabs.
We aim to code and design only the best of the best.
We want to make real every dream in our head.

Our mission

To design

We believe our creativity, we believe our imagination, we believe in your taste of quality.

To develop

We code just for fun and that is why we are successfull. We aim only to your needs not unnecessary details

To support

Our code and design mistakes only interest us and every feedback just make us better. So feel free to ask for support.

Our services

Specific Software & Games

We know you need to move your work on digital. Let us help you.

Educational Tools

Education is not a bugaboo. We make it fun for you by developing funny games and competitive programs.

Consultancy Solutions

Did you stuck with your projects? We know the way out, follow us.

Test Operations

Does your application or system behave normal under weird situations? We can test it for you.


Your digital data have been attacked? Look your rights for in the laws by us.

Hardware Supoort

We bring you latest technology hardwares for low prices.

Our team

Who are we?
Meet the team behind the dream.

Tolga Yilmaz is our brain is our hands. He loves to use his imagination and intelligence for producing always new and better things. Perhaps this is where he gets all his inspiration.

Unnamed Hero So you know you can do game development with your coding skills for mobile platforms, contact us to join no matter where you are or you already have a job.

The Chosen One Are you a good desginer artist? Maybe you interest to create 2D and 3D assets for our game projects. Don't be shy to contact us.

So far we've



Great projects



Lines of code



Cups of tea

  • How i understood that original ideas evolved is meeting the 64bitLabs team.

    Someone at the Party
  • They're really enthusiastic on almost every aspect of technology.

    Someone at the Club
  • I think they are not working because there is this idiom i believe "You will never work for your entire life, if you love your job".

worked with

Not impressed yet?
See what all the fuzz is about – our latest projects.

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+90(312) 911 26 99



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